Special Secretariat for European Social Fund Program Management

Niki Dandolou

Special Secretary for European Social Fund (ESF) Programmes

Niki P. Dandolou was born in Athens and is a graduate of the Greek-French Ursuline School.

She is a Civil Engineer, a graduate of University College London – UCL (B.Eng.), with an M.Sc. in engineering from City University of London and an MBA in business administration from Athens University of Economics & National Technical University.

In the private sector, she has worked in an international technical group in London and in a shipping company of Greek interests in Piraeus.

In the public sector, after recruitment through a tender in 2003 at MOD SA, she has handled a range of development and social objects with previous service in the Ministries of Transport, PECHODE, Economy & Finance, Development (Energy sector) and Shipping. She has experience of cooperation and negotiations with the respective General Directorates of the EU, having represented the country for over 15 years in the EU, EEA and other international organizations, from positions of official and political responsibility. Indicatively, she was involved in the completion of large infrastructure projects of the 3rd Community Support Framework 2000-2006 and the planning of the NSRF 2007-2013, the development of the energy upgrade program “Exkoyonamo”, long-term energy planning, hydrocarbon policy and major pipeline projects as a Member of the Board of Directors of DESFA, the coordination of the negotiations of the Ministry of Shipping with the EU-ECB-IMF troika during the 2nd economic adjustment program, issues of ocean shipping, coastal shipping, integrated maritime policy, privatization of the Piraeus Port Organization, drawing up the first national port strategy and establishing the Ports Regulatory Authority.

In the period 2019 – 2023 she served as Special Secretary of the Ministry of Development & Investments: initially with responsibility for the management of all national scope financing of the NSRF 2014-2020, including entrepreneurship, Member of the Supreme Council of the EQUIFUND Portfolio Fund through the European Investment Fund – EIF , Member of the Investment Committee of the Guarantee Fund for businesses due to Covid-19 through the Hellenic Development Bank, Member of the Investment Committee of the Portfolio Funds: for Entrepreneurship (TEPIX II), for Business Guarantee through EIF and Infrastructure through the European Investment Bank – EIB. In cooperation with the EU, in the same period, funding for the response to the coronavirus pandemic was added to the NSRF, such as the Refundable Advance, Interest Subsidy on Existing Loans, Special Purpose Compensation for Freelancers and Very Small Businesses, distance learning in schools and universities, mobile units of EODY for coronavirus test, etc. She was also responsible for the negotiation and approval from the first in the EU of the largest program of the new NSRF 2021-2027 “Human Resources and Social Cohesion” and managed funding for education, employment, social inclusion and health, ensuring the co-financing of new of projects with the co-competent Ministries such as the expansion of the full-day school, national employment programs for the unemployed through OAED-DYPA, the neighborhood nannies, digital projects and public administration projects, the creation of the 1555 center of the EFKA, the action for the Personal Physician, the co-financing auxiliary health personnel in the country’s hospitals and social innovation actions.

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