Council of Economic Experts

The Council of Economic Experts (CEE) is a consultative and advisory body, with the main purpose of providing technocratic support to the work of the Minister of National Economy and Finance in charge of the relevant powers, in accordance with the decision of the Prime Minister, during the planning and implementation of the economic policy and operates in accordance with the provisions written for it (Article 47, Law 4484/2017 – A’ 110).

Purpose and responsibilities

Its responsibilities include, among others, the following:

  1. submitting proposals for the formulation of an economic strategy within the framework of the general directions of government policy,
  2. opinion on the annual and medium-term objectives of the economic policy,
  3. investigation and analysis of alternative possibilities for the selection of economic policy measures,
  4. opinion on the general directions of the state budget,
  5. monitoring and analysis of the progress and prospects of the Greek and international economy, as well as highlighting and evaluating the deviations of developments from the goals, with the suggestion of measures to achieve the government policy,
  6. opinion on any other relevant macroeconomic policy matter.

Executives of CEE they represent Greece in European Union committees, such as the Economic and Financial Committee, the Economic Policy Committee and their subcommittees. In addition, they participate in the Economic Policy Committee of the OECD and its relevant working groups. The President of CEE is deputy of the Minister of Finance at EUROGROUP and at the Council of Ministers of Finance of the EU. (ECOFIN).

In the responsibility of CEE belongs to the coordination of the national positions regarding the annual reports on the Greek economy of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The S.O.E. is also responsible for drafting the National Reform Program and updating the Stability and Development Program.


Michael G. Arghyrou​ (CV)

Scientific Associates

Zafeira Kastrinaki, Head of the Microeconomic Policy and Microsimulations Division & Head of the Economic Growth and Structural Reforms Division, 2103332857, email:

Tserkezis Lefteris, Head of Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting, 210 3332290, email:

Amourgianos Michalis, email:

Giakoumis Manos, email:

Papadakis Manos, email:

Pavlou Apostolis, email:

Savvopoulou Ersiliana, email:

 Tsellou Sophia, email: 

Secretariat:  210 333 2522, 2526, 2528,  email:

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