Fiscal Policy

The General Accounting Office of the State has a long-standing contribution and an important role in the orderly operation of the public administration. The necessity of a supervisory authority of the financial accounts of the State arose just a few years after the establishment of the Greek State. By Royal Decree of the 6th (18th) of October 1842, from September 17th of the same year, “A General Accounting Office is established within the Ministry of Economic Affairs (later renamed the “Ministry”), under the direct orders of its head”.

Since then, the administrative structure and operation of the services of the General Accounting Office has undergone multiple and very important changes, each time echoing the need to update their responsibilities, but also the prevailing perception regarding the organizational structure of the service to serve the public interest.

Of these, the substantial reorganization promoted at the beginning of the 20th century (914/1917) stands out, where the entire staff of the Accounting Department was divided into two branches (Administrative and Accounting), intervening in the reorganization of old and creation of new departments.

Subsequently, the General Accounting Office was temporarily upgraded to the Ministry of the Treasury (2761/1922), but of the four short-lived governments set up in the tumultuous 1922 as a separate and independent portfolio from that of the Treasury, it was assumed only once.

To date, its main responsibilities include the preparation, monitoring and execution of the State Budget, the preparation of the Balance Sheet and Report, as well as the control of the correct application of the provisions of the Public Accounting. Since then and in the context of the implementation of the recent provisions on public accounting, the General Directorates of the General Accounting Office continue to “assist the Minister of Finance in the performance of his duties” (4270/14) and in the procedures for the execution and supervision of the state budget amounts.

Since 1934/35, the Central Services of the General Accounting Office have been housed in the building at 37 Panepistimiou Street designed by the architect Emmanuel Lazaridis (1894-1961), following a radical reformation and extension of an older building designed by Konstantinos Kyriakides (1881-1942).

In its present austere form, the main building of the General Accounting Office is an outstanding example of interwar Athenian architecture, with the strict geometry and purity of the lines of its facade exuding a sense of discipline and rationality.

With the gradual increase in responsibilities and staff housing needs, the Pensions and Financial Controls services were transferred to other buildings, however remaining in its administrative and organizational structure.


G. G. : Paulina Karasiotou 

Tel.: 210 333 8447  / 210 333 8448


Address: Panepistimiou 37, 101 65, Athens

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