Solutions to problems related to your rights as an EU citizen

What is SOLVIT
The Solvit service aims to find quick and informal solutions to problems faced by citizens and businesses, when their rights deriving from EU law are not recognized by public authorities of another EU member state and relevant legal procedures have not been initiated at European or national level. Solvit operates in the form of a network of national centers. Solvit centers exist in all EU countries, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Its operation is based on the Commission’s Recommendation on the principles governing Solvit (C.5869 final/17-9-2013) and on the Commission’s Recommendation on the principles on the use of Solvit (Ε.3901/7-12- 2001).
Two Solvit centers are responsible for each case (contact details of the Solvit centers in Greece on the page
  • Home Centre: t’s the center of the country with which the complainant has the closest ties (e.g. by nationality, residence or headquarters) and
  • Lead Centre: it’s the center of the country in which the alleged violation occurred.
You can find out about the problems that can be solved through Solvit through the service’s webpage.
How SOLVIT works

Once you’ve submitted your problem to SOLVIT, the home centre will:

  • contact you within one week and, if necessary, ask you for further information
  • check whether or not your problem falls within SOLVIT’s remit
  • prepare the case and send it to the lead SOLVIT centre.

You will be regularly informed on the progress of your case by the home SOLVIT centre. Feel free to contact them if you need an update on how your case is progressing.

When it receives the case from your home SOLVIT centre, the lead SOLVIT centre will:

  • confirm within one week whether or not they will accept the case
  • try to find a solution to your problem together with the responsible authority.

The target deadline for solving problems is 10 weeks from when the lead SOLVIT centre accepts your case.

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