Central State Aid Unit (CSAU)

Central State Aid Unit (CSAU) is the competent authority for state aid in Greece and the unique contact point for state aid issues with European Commission (EC) and other European or international institutions.

The strategic goal of CSAU and the relevant network is the efficient and organized utilization of state resources in order to promote economic growth and avoid the negative effects of granting illegal and/or incompatible state aid.

CSAU examines/assesses every draft state aid measure for its compatibility with state aid rules, expresses opinion which is attached to the draft measure and is responsible for notifying the draft measures to EC through State Aid Notification Interactive (SANI).

Moreover, CSAU, in cooperation with the Decentralized State Aid Units (DSAU – competent services for state aid cases in the majority of Ministries), coordinates the granting authorities and the state aid cases. Through this process CSAU has an active role in shaping and formulating the national state aid policy.

E-mail:  kemke@minfin.gr
Fax: 0030 210 337 5595
Call Center: 0030 210 337 5777
Karagiorgi Servias 8,  105 62  Athens

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